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Collagen Protein Powder - Made in Japan (BULK)

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Saurabh Dave

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  • Brand Name: OEM
  • Place of Origin: Japan
  • Model Number : 81-50-5532-4689
  • powder : protein supplements


Collagen Peptide (BULK) Collagen is a natural, high-quality, clinically tested, bio peptide extracted from fish collagen. In comparison to other collagen sources, it is easier to digest and more quickly absorbed due to its low molecular weight and high bioavailability. Collagen plays a significant role in the health of our connective tissue, providing cohesion, strength and elasticity throughout the body. Collagen provides multidimensional benefits for skin, bone and joint health by regenerating the cells needed for maintaining an active lifestyle and enhanced overall heath. 

COLLAGEN:Collagen is a protein in our body which is the main component of connective tissues. It makes up approximately 30% of the body's protein which can be found in the skin, bones, cartilages and tendons. When we start to age, our collagen production slows down which affects the skin's hydration, suppleness and elasticity. Beyond the skin, our connective tissues also start to deteriorate and weaken which leads to various ailments. Collagen is a vital component in keeping ourselves healthy and young.

Our collagen is a modern beauty product that not only supplements the collagen need of our body, but also helps our body to produce it naturally. The product uses HYDROLYZED COLLAGEN which is also known as "super collagen" because this is the form of collagen that our body can best absorb. This is so because of the process of hydrolyzation which reduces the molecular size of the collagen and increases the intestinal absorption of the product. It has been clinically tested in Japan that the use of hydrolyzed collagen improves skin suppleness, hydration and elasticity and allows its users to look younger and be healthier.

COLLAGEN:Collagen provides multidimensional benefits for skin, bone and joint health by regenerating the cells needed for maintaining an active lifestyle, enhanced health and elasticity throughout the body. Marine Collagen is easy to digest and quickly absorbed due to its low molecular weight and high bioavailability. Classified as a food supplement, it is widely consumed in Japan by of all ages especially those who look after their overall wellness, health and appearance. Collagen promotes healthy and radiant skin by nourishing our body with the nutritional building blocks required to improve skin structure. Collagen promotes joint health by helping to repair joint matrix degeneration and improving long term joint comfort and mobility. Research has shown Collagen helps to restore bone mineral density and support healthy bone metabolism. It also supports hair and nail health. 

  • Health & beauty supplement that can be easily mixed with any food or drink as part of any diet or meal
  • Supports health of joints for men and women
  • Odourless, tasteless and completely natural.
  • Health & Beauty supplement
  • Natural skin care & anti-aging 
  • Improvement of skin smoothness, skin suppleness and viscoelastic properties 
  • Increase in the water absorbing capacity of the stratum corneum
  • Reduction of fine lines and deep - wrinkles formation
  • Reduction of UVB induced skin damage
  • Help to repair joint matrix degeneration
  • Improves joint health by strengthening cartilage and joint structure
  • Enhance joint comfort and mobility to reduce joint pain 
  • Restoring Bone Mineral Density 
  • Reducing the bone reabsorption and stimulating bone formation
  • Increases bone strength and reducing the risk of fracture.

Fish Collagen Powder (Origin: Tilapia / Red snapper).

Bulk sticks
  • 1 stick = 3 to 5 grams stick
  • 1 carton = 1,000 sticks
Sticks with box
  • 30 sticks x 3 grams
  • 1 carton = 6 retail box appx

  • 30 sticks x 5 grams
  • 1 carton = 6 retail box appx
Bulk sticks
  • 3 grams stick
  • 5 grams sticks
  • 9 grams sticks
Sticks with box
  • 3 grams x 30 sticks box
  • 5 grams x 30 sticks box
  • 3 grams x 15 sticks box
  • 5 grams x 15 sticks box
Aluminum foil pack

  • 100 grams pack
  • 200 grams pack 
  • 500 grams pack
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1. Marine Collagen Powder
  • Skin health: Collagen helps to promote healthy, radiant skin by nourishing our body with the nutritional building blocks required to improve skin structure. Skin Health is affected by age and external factors. Collagen is one of the most important structural substances in our bodies, accounting for 25 to 30% of its total protein – 75% of our skin is collagen. It is the key component for supple and radiant healthy skin. As we age, our body loses its ability to make collagen, causing it to break down. Loss of collagen leads to a collapsing dermal layer and this contributes to wrinkles and loss of elasticity. The environment also affects our skin and UVA/UVB exposure induces skin damage and loss of collagen. Everyone can benefit from taking collagen and maintaining the integrity of the extracellular matrix is essential for a youthful skin appearance.
  • Collagen benefits on skin health: Collagen is a bioactive ingredient that improves skin properties to achieve an optimal skin condition. Our product slows down the aging process by nourishing the body with the nutritional building blocks it needs. In particular, Marine Collagen contains much larger amounts of the amino acids, glycine, proline and hydroxyproline than many other proteins. These amino acids are necessary for promoting healthy tissue growth by the cells themselves. Collagen also highly digestible and is characterized by an improved bioavailability for optimal results on the skin. Collagen embraces the benefits of “beauty from within”. Comprehensive clinical studies have been carried out, highlighting the numerous positive effects of ingesting collagen.

JOINTS HEALTH: Collagen promotes joint health by helping to repair joint matrix degeneration and improving long term joint comfort and mobility. Osteoarthritis - most common joint disorder is on the rise. Joint Health is affected by age and external factors causing osteoarthritis, also known as degenerative joint disease, and is the most common joint disorder. This form of arthritis can be developed with age but external factors can also affect joints, such as mechanical stress due to intense sport activities. Osteoarthritis is linked to the breakdown of cartilage, exclusively made of chondrocytes cells. These cells produce and maintain the artilaginous matrix, consisting mainly of collagen. An insufficient amount of collagen results in the loss of cartilage. Without the normal amount of cartilage, the bones rub together, causing pain, inflammation and stiffness. Any movement can be extremely painful and mobility becomes limited.
BONES, HAIR, NAIL HEALTH: research has shown Collagen helps to restore bone mineral density and support healthy bone metabolism. It also supports hair and nail health. Bone Health is affected by age. As worldwide population is rapidly aging, bone health problems are consistently increasing, causing pain and discomfort. In the elderly particularly, the amount of daily intake of protein can be sub optimal and can contribute to osteoporosis, a condition where the bone mineral density is low and is associated with increasing risks of fracture. 
Collagen benefits on Bone Health: Collagen has numerous beneficial effects. Collagen peptides help to maintain bone health and restore bone mineral density in order to prevent the risk of osteoporosis. Every-one can benefit from taking collagen to preserve bone health and for an improved quality of life. In vivo animal studies conducted to investigate the effects of Collagen under a low protein diet reported that ingesting collagen daily increases considerably bone mass density. Research has shown that these peptides molecules induce the differentiation of cells into osteoblasts.

  • Want a quick boost of health & beauty in their lifestyle 
  • May not get enough intake of protein
  • Feel tired and want to look their best
  • People who have no time for Skincare
  • Do not get exercise or want to supplement their exercise routine with a supplement to strengthen joints
  • People who spend money on various types of cosmetics. The Collagen Peptide has many functions and can save money 
  • People with sensitive and dry skin
  • People suffering from acne
  • Concern about their beauty and health and want to keep a moisturized skin.
Fish Collagen Powder (BULK)

100 grams pack and 500 grams pack also available!


Short description:

This is 100% fish collagen (derived from deep sea fish). It is 100% pure collagen with NO ADDITIVES (Generally most collagen products available in the market are mixed with additives like vitamin C, sucralose etc. – these are less effective). It can be consumed by mixing with tea, coffee, milk, juices etc. It can also be added to meals, cakes, cookies etc.


Long description:

Hydrolyzed Fish Collagen Powder (BULK)


  1. What is collagen?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body: About 1/3 of our total protein is

made of collagen.


  1. What is the function of collagen in human health?

  • Basically, one of the main functions of collagen is to keep our cells together: Collagen fibers are a major component that support most tissues. Moreover, collagen has great tensile strength, and is the main component of skin, bones, cartilage, tendons, ligaments and fascia, including nails and hair.

  • It also present in the cornea and lens of the eye in crystalline form. Due its key functions in health and beauty, keeping high levels of collagen protein in our body is very important at all times for both men and women alike.

  • As collagen degradation leads to wrinkles and other undesirable effects, it is particularly important to supplement collagen as we age. Therefore, collagen has been long used in Japan as a health & beauty supplement in the form of drinks, tablets, capsules, gelatin, powder, and many other edible forms that can be also mixed with regular foods and drinks. Moreover, by the use of unique Japanese technology, the taste and feeling of collagen-enhanced foods and drinks can be as enjoyable as usual!

  • Finally, collagen safety as a food supplement has been proven by historical and scientific evidence and hence, widely used in Japan as the most advanced country in the field of nutraceuticals and food safety.

  1. Efficacy

There are numerous clinical studies regarding efficacy of collagen in health & beauty. In studies

performed in Japan, 80% of women subject to testing saw clear results in skin condition after 3

to 7 weeks, based on ingestion of 5,000mg to 10,000mg of collagen daily.

As explained before, collagen is naturally present in our body and ingested through our daily

meals. However, it is difficult to establish how much collagen a person ingests daily, as eating

habits are different from country to country.


Having said that, here is a simple principle:

The higher the amount of protein in our diet, the higher is the chance of acceptable amounts of collagen in our body. Note though that collagen should not be confused with other forms of protein as it has its unique mechanisms of efficacy and absorption. Moreover, sources of collagen protein may differ from other forms of protein.


As a consequence, in countries where protein consumption in meals is low (case of vegetarians, or religious groups where consumption of meat from certain animals is not encouraged), collagen presence in human body is likely to be also low. Supplementing collagen is hence very important when daily intake through food is insufficient to keep good health and beauty. Basically, collagen is commonly present in animal-derived foods. For people from all cultures, collagen is the latest supplement to enhance our natural “beauty from within” in addition with many other health benefits for all men and women. Collagen powder (or “peptide”) made in Japan has the advantage of being processed with the latest Pharmaceutical - level technology, safety and hygiene leaving no trace of the raw material in smell, taste or appearance: Powder is clean, extremely white, completely odorless and

particles are small and highly soluble in any element. Moreover, it can be processed and mixed in all forms –including heat or cold- without affecting its properties.


  1. Applications

Collagen peptide has multiple edible and non-edible applications.

  1. Hydrolyzed collagen (also called “gelatin”) can play an important role in weight management, as a protein, it can be advantageously used for its satiating power.

  2. Gelatin has also a wide application in the pharmaceutical industry such as in the manufacturing of soft and hard capsules.

  3. Collagen powder (or “peptide”) can be ingested directly mixed with any cold/hot beverages and/or regular meals.

  4. No trace of raw materials or smell is detectable in Japanese collagen powder.

  5. Collagen peptide can also be used in industrial applications in the food, cosmetics, beverage industries for the manufacturing of beauty & health supplements, medicines and foods.

  6. Collagen peptide is also used in the manufacture of creams, shampoos and other cosmetics.

  1. Types of offered collagen peptide:

Japan is the most developed collagen market and its industry counts with the newest technology and highest standards of safety. Collagen peptide can usually be divided depending on grade and form. Regarding grade, we provide a general classification on request. We consult customers depending on end application, market, price band, raw material used, etc.


  1. What is collagen made of?

Naturally, collagen is processed from animal-derived raw materials: Fish scale and skin, swine or

bovine hide or bone. Collagen peptide is processed only from these raw materials without

additives or conservatives. Latest unique Japanese technology allows a finished product safe,

healthy and free from any trace or smell of raw materials.


  1. Is collagen safe?

  1. Yes. It is a natural supplement derived from natural ingredients, from careful selection

of raw materials through the entire manufacturing process in GMP and Japanese

Ministry of Health approved facilities.

  1. Collagen has been long used all over the world in foods and medicines and clinical studies have indicated limited cases of fullness or unpleasant taste at the most, without adverse effects being noted. On the contrary, collagen ingestion proved to have beneficial effects on bone metabolism and other areas as explained throughout this document.


Please note:

The Nizona mission is to promote human health and wellness by positioning high quality healthcare and nutritional products globally. Our products are "ALL MADE IN JAPAN." We offer PRIVATE-BRANDING (OEM) services for our products such as supplements, nutraceuticals, energy drinks, cosmetics, etc. We strategically integrate ourselves with our customers' marketing strategies and are able to develop entire concepts and/or product lines in accordance with your needs. In this manner, our customers benefit with the convenience of having a single unified source of professional advice in marketing, product development, regulations, formulations, etc.



  • Price Condition : FOB
  • Delivery Port : Osaka

Packaging & Delivery

  • Packing :100gmsand500gm
  • Delivery Lead Time : 5-6 weeks
  • Supply Ability : Bulk

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